La Placita Project Uphill 1973-1975

Opening Ceremony, 1975, La Placita/Project Uphill, East 2nd St., New York

Watch La Placita: Project Uphill a documentary film which revisits never-edited archival footage of a community built playlot in New York City in the 1970’s. Edited by Anna Burholt and Charles Simonds in 2020.

Park Model- Fantasy (detail), 1974, Museum Ludwig Koln
The remains of a group of people the geometry of whose architecture was at a 45-degree angle to the axis of the city. Part a semaphore village: three models presenting three different periods in its history. The side walls reflect the coordinates of New York and represent a through-the-block lot on East Second Street between Avenues B and C. The dwellings were built along a continuous line of habitations. Signals were sent from house to house by means of a tower, and each family was responsible for the maintenance of its fires.

La Placita/Project Uphill, 1973-75, East 2nd Street, New York

Imaginary Playground, 1973, Photomontage